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1. Correct registration of personal data
Because your personal information and the contact information you provide on the Website are extremely important for the execution of your online transaction with us as, as you know, these are, among other things, the only way for our company to communicate with you, for the execution of its obligations to you as well as the orders, you must be sure that the information you have given us is completely correct and up to date (in case of changes you are obliged to inform us about it). Our company takes every possible care to receive from you your correct information and for this reason, you are asked at the end of completing your information to re-check this information and then send it to us with your explicit consent to use the information you have filled out. Therefore, our company does not bear any responsibility in case any of its contractual or legal obligations are not fulfilled correctly and / or in time due to sending by you incorrect or not updated personal information. In particular, any notice that will be made to the email address and / or mobile phone that you have given us (eg for lack of product availability, etc.) will be considered valid even if it is not delivered to you due to an error in the information provided by your data and / or due to a technical or other fault on your server, and / or your telephone and / or your telecommunications provider, and / or due to a change in your data (unless you have informed us in good time). The same applies to the communication and shipping address of the products, as well as to the landline communication phones. In any case, you are obliged to update your data again every time a change occurs in them.

2. Registered users
In order to better serve you and facilitate your future purchases, you give the opportunity to register as users of the Website (sign in). The information you fill in the special form on the Website remains in the system of our company. Therefore, you have the opportunity to open an account with us and create a user profile (Name, gender, date of birth, home address ………… ..), using your own unique Username and Security Code ( username & password). In this way you create your own unique page - registered user page - in which the history of your purchases is recorded, you can keep track of the status of your new request for order, the stage of delivery of the product you have ordered , etc. During your registration as registered users the company may also you as registered users agree to install a system of session cookies solely for your identification and your transactions to create your history as a customer that appears in your personal page and is visible only to you. The above session cookies have the sole purpose of serving the best management of your profile and your transactions so that you do not have to declare your details from the beginning every time you visit the Website. Session cookies are deleted as soon as you are deleted by a registered user.

3. You are given the opportunity to proceed with your order process, without registering as a Member on the Website. In this case you will be asked to enter some of your personal information, which are necessary for the completion of your order and which remain in the system of our Company only for as long as is necessary for the completion of the purchase process by you, including the period during which allows the return of products ..

4) Written consent
By completing and sending the relevant form (either on the registration form or on the order form) with your data you provide at the same time to us and your written consent to use the data contained therein for the purposes described in these terms in under this personal data policy.

5) Privacy policy
The issue of protecting your personal data is for our company a very serious issue that is treated as a top priority.
Your personal data is collected exclusively in the context of transactions with the Website and our communication with you for the completion of your orders, your invoicing, the facilitation of deliveries, the general execution of your orders, the service of your requests, as well as the sending of informative messages in relation to products etc.

our services. All your personal data collected through the special electronic form of the Website are the absolutely necessary for the performance of the above services by us and are subject to your full and unconditional consent / consent, which is provided by sending your personal data to us. It goes without saying that you are able to access your data at any time, as well as request the immediate deletion of your data, as well as your deletion as registered users. You are also entitled to exercise at any time all your rights under Articles 11-13 of Law 2472/1997. In any case, your data is kept by our company only for as long as you are a registered user and / or for as long as your transactions with us are performed and are deleted as soon as you are deleted as a user and / or the transaction with you is completed. Also during your visit to the Website it is possible to install session cookies on your PC in order to be able to record the items you place in your shopping cart, even before you register as a registered user in order to send of your order request.

Your personal data is not disclosed to any third party and is managed exclusively by our company. The only exceptions are: (j) data relating to the execution and settlement of electronic payments by credit / debit / prepaid card performed by our trusted partners - financial institutions that follow all appropriate security procedures to secure your information; and the data that are absolutely necessary for the execution of your order (transport, storage, etc.) by the companies that cooperate with us.
However, all your data is protected and managed in accordance with the terms and rules of Greek law and especially of law 2472/1997, and our company strictly follows all the rules established by the relevant legal framework.

The processing of personal data is done in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection (GKPD 2016/679), any more specific national and European legislation for certain areas, the current Greek legislation for the protection of personal data, as well as for the protection personal data and privacy in the field of electronic communications (Law 3471/2006, as applicable) and the decisions of the Personal Data Protection Authority (APDPH).

Under the above legislation, the information held by us may be disclosed to third parties, competent authorities, prosecutors or other administrative departments only in accordance with the rules and provisions of the respective regulatory framework.
Also, all your data, data and transactions are governed by the principles of confidentiality of communications (electronic and non-electronic) and commercial transactions and all appropriate measures are taken to protect and ensure their confidentiality during transmission and / or and execution of transactions. The user / consumer / visitor / member of the Website should also safeguard the confidentiality of his data and not make disclosures to third parties (even through his negligence) nor grant the use of his data by third parties. It is also recommended to change the user password (password) at regular intervals. The company reserves the right for any loss due to breach of the above obligations of the user / consumer / visitor / member of the Website.

Finally, in order to complete the ordering process, you accept the sending of automated or personalized e-mails both directly to your PC and in person to the e-mail address and / or mobile phone that you have notified us, as well as any telephone communication to the phones that You have been notified to us by employees of our company.


1. Who we are
For the company "SAMARAKIS AGISILAOS", the respect and protection of your personal data is a commitment. We understand and take seriously the fact that you are aware and interested in your personal data.
This Privacy Statement describes the personal data that the company collects about you; how we use and protect your personal data; the options you have regarding how we use that data.

We recognize that the protection of personal data is an ongoing responsibility and we will therefore update and amend this Statement from time to time. Please visit the website from time to time

our in order to make sure that you are informed and satisfied with any changes. In case of doubt regarding the term of this protection statement, you can contact us via e-mail at
2. What personal data do we collect about you?

2.1. Full name. We collect the names (name, surname) for the needs of the execution of the order from our website
2.2. Postal address. We collect the home address of our customers for the purpose of delivery and completion of the order.
2.3. Email address. We collect our customers' email address for order confirmation and promotions.
2.4. Other contact details. We collect other contact information, such as the telephone number of our customers or the contact persons of our customers, in order to provide our services better and faster.
2.5. Pricing details. We collect the data of our customers that are necessary for the invoicing of our services, such as for example the TIN, D.O.Y. etc.
2.6. Online activity details. We collect personal data when you use the company's digital services. These may include your social media account ID and profile picture, your IP address and other online identities, and other personal information you provide to us online.

3. How do we collect your personal data?
We collect your personal data when you express your interest in our services, when you make purchases from our e-shop or from our stores, when we provide you with our services, when you visit our website, or when you subscribe to our newsletter . We do not sell your personal data to anyone and we only share it with third parties who facilitate the provision of our services to you.

4. How do we use (process) your personal data?
We use your personal data for the following purposes:
4.1. To execute your order.
4.2. For your pricing.
4.3. For promotional activities, such as participation in contests or emails that we send periodically to those who have subscribed to our newsletter. In the list of people we send newsletters we can add those who give us their email addresses during our communication and who tell us that they want to receive newsletters / updates.
4.4. For the creation of profiles in order to personalize services and products.

5. Legal basis for processing your personal data
5.1. The processing of your personal data for the sale of our products and services, is necessary for the overall management of your order by the company and its partners. This management includes the detection of online fraud and fraud relating to modern means of payment, the prevention and management of payment (non-payment) incidents and the maintenance of the company's rights in relation to its commercial activity.
5.2. The processing of your personal data for marketing and / or promotional / profile purposes is based on your consent.
5.3. In some cases the processing of your personal data is necessary for the purposes of our legal interests or for the purposes of our compliance with national and / or European legislation.

6. Retention time of your personal data
6.1. For the purpose of ordering our products, we will retain your personal data for a reasonable period of time from the completion of the order and for the fullest satisfaction of your requests in relation to the respective order.
6.2. For marketing / promotional purposes, we will retain your personal information throughout the duration of our transaction and for ten (10) years thereafter, unless in the meantime you indicate that you no longer wish to receive communications for such purposes.
7. Guarantees we receive for the protection of your data
When you give us your personal information, we take steps to ensure that it is kept secure. In order to protect your personal data, we take physical, technical and organizational measures to protect them. We update and control the security technology we use on an ongoing basis. We restrict access to your personal data to only those employees who need to know this data in order to provide services to you. Among other things, we have implemented the following technical and organizational measures and procedures to protect your personal data from any loss

k, alteration, illegal processing or alteration:
- encryption
- detection and management of security breaches •
- use of information systems and programs for computers installed in a way that minimizes the use of personal data and / or user authentication data

8. When and how do we pass on your personal information to others?
As part of our activities, we use third party providers who provide services on our behalf. Thus, we may need to share your personal data with them. However, we only share with you your personal data that is necessary to provide the services we request and we require them to protect your data and not use it for other purposes.

The personal data we collect from you is stored in one or more databases hosted by third party providers established within the European Union. These third parties do not use or access your personal data for any purpose other than storage and retrieval in the cloud.

9. Your rights
You have the right to request access to your personal data, which we process. In addition, you have the following rights:
9.1. Right to correct or delete (in some cases) your personal data.
9.2. Right to restrict the processing or objection to the processing of your personal data.
9.3. Right (under certain conditions) to receive your personal data for use anywhere else.
9.4. In cases where we process your personal data based on your consent, you also have the right to revoke your consent at any time, without prejudice to the legality of the processing for the period prior to the withdrawal of your consent.

10. Transfer of personal data outside the EU
The personal data we collect from you is not transmitted or processed outside the European Union.

11. How to contact us?
You can contact us for any question regarding the processing of your personal data or the use of cookies by us or to exercise your rights, using the online contact form of our website or sending an email to

12. Release Information - Changes and Updates

This Statement was last updated on [1/11/2021].
We reserve the right to modify and update this Statement at any time, for any reason, without notice to you, other than the posting of the updated Statement on our website. We may send periodic emails to remind you of changes and updates to this Statement but you should check our website frequently to stay informed of your current and current Privacy Statement.

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